Vexxar review

Vexxarr is an alien member of the Bleen race, militaristic conquerors of a quarter of the galaxy. He is tasked with conquering planet Earth single handedly, and things do not go as planned in this long running webcomic by Hunter Cressall.

Unfortunately for our would be world conqueror, humans prove a touger nut to crack than expected and he is captured, and then the hijinks begin, as the Earth appropriates his ship’s technology and uses it against the Bleen.

The comic is basically a comedy, a sort of character driven sitcom with an overarching plot involving the efforts of the Bleen empire to punish Vexxar for his failure on Earth. While the individual strips always carry a punchline or at least a comedic beat, the overall narrative is serious enough. Cressall makes a point about changes having consequences, as a contrast to the classic Sci fi “sitcom”, Star Trek. Where Trek would always reset to the status quo after each episode, Vexxar’s adventures always incorporate new and increasingly complex elements into the story.

Vexxar’s artwork shows the usual quality progression in long running webcomics, from crude but serviceable to a polished but simple full colour.

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