A Stray 3 mirror

The website for the awesome webcomic Astray3 by Eldon Cowgur has gone offline, and since I took it upon myself to make a backup copy of the site once it went into hiatus, I have put a mirror online at this location

If the author wishes me to remove this mirror I will of course do so, but there is no infringement intended.

(Pages 306-37 missing from the archive, scraper error if anyone has them I’d be happy to add them)

UPDATE: The author has blessed the mirror and provided the missing pages, also the comic is set to return early next year. Yay!

5 thoughts on “A Stray 3 mirror”

    1. Yep. It didn’t get saved properly when I first backed up the original site. The wayback machine doesn’t seem to have it either… 🙁

      I tried contacting the author (He’s on facebook) but he didn’t reply yet

  1. So glad y0u were able to capture this work of art before it disappeared. I know it’s a labor of love, but wish the story would continue…

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